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Online Personal Training and Virtual PT Sessions with David Todd Fitness


For the past 16 years, I've helped clients live more active lives, free from pain, and with improved mobility, flexibility, and strength. As your Personal Trainer and Fitness Consultant, I can help you achieve the same. 

Why Choose My Personal Training Services?

A Program Built Around You

Your program will be custom-built just for you, based on your lifestyle, fitness goals, schedule, and experience. This eliminates guesswork and outperforms generic workout programs. An expert-designed program boosts motivation because you’ll know that if you follow it, you’ll see results. It’s that simple! 


My training programs are highly adaptive and far from ‘cut-and-paste’ or ‘off-the-shelf’ routines. With my Virtual PT service, your program will evolve to accommodate your travel schedule, location, and changing access to fitness equipment, keeping you in control throughout your journey with DTF.

Accountability Powers Great Results

You and I will have regular contact through monthly LIVE workouts or weekly PT sessions, along with monthly progress check-in calls to address any questions or challenges, ensuring you stay on track.

Not sure what you need? Let's jump on a call

Book a FREE consultation with Dave to talk through your health and fitness to find out if Online Personal Training and Virtual PT are right for you.

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What my Awesome Clients say..

Thanks Dave, was a great workout feel knackered but pumped after it, you’re a great instructor! 

Graeme, Manchester, UK


We really like the variety and simplicity of training with Dave. We both work from home so it is great to be able to workout without having to leave the apartment. We've been with Dave for 4 years now!


Kinga & Hinnerk, Klosters, Switzerland

I used to walk with a stick due to my sciatic pain which also affected my back and knees.

I am now completely pain free and feeling fitter than ever and i'm still enjoying every training session.


Catherine, Brittany France