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Online Personal Trainer, Skype Personal Training, Online Personal TrainingDécouvrez comment Dave Todd a aidé quelqu’un comme vous à obtenir le corps qu’ils ont toujours voulu.

Changez votre vie aujourd’hui et voyez comment avoir votre propre instructeur de conditionnement physique peut vous rendre le meilleur que vous pouvez être. Prenez-vous les premières étapes pour mieux vous et m’envoyer un mail.

Après plus de 2 ans d’hospitalisation, avec des interventions assez graves pour plusieurs cancers, l’état de mon corps était mieux décrit comme pitoyable. Grâce à une série d’exercices sur mesure, Dave a réussi à développer ma musculature afin que ma posture et ma force se soient considérablement améliorées et que le risque de faiblesse osseuse ait été réduit. De plus, son «allez-y» attitude me donne une vision beaucoup plus ensoleillée de mon état de santé.

After more than 2 years of hospitalisation, with fairly serious operations for several cancers, the state of my body was best described as pitiful. Through a series of tailored exercises, Dave has managed to develop my musculature so that my posture and strength have greatly improved and the risk of bone weakness reduced. Also, his positive “let´s do it” attitude gives me a much sunnier outlook on my state of health.

Paul – Mars 2020

«Je ne peux pas recommander les séances de fitness de Dave suffisamment. C’est un homme charmant, soigneusement attentif aux besoins de l’individu, souple et inspirant d’exercices. Je suis âgé de 60 ans et j’ai été très inapte après la maladie, de sorte qu’il s’agissait d’un véritable coup de pouce pour avoir l’expertise et les encouragements offerts par Dave. J’ai également appris beaucoup sur le fonctionnement du corps et sur l’utilisation de mon énergie avec les techniques de respiration basiques. Les séances étaient amusantes et détendues, tout en étant sur mesure et très bénéfique. L’information et les conseils que Dave a toujours été heureux de fournir m’a aidé à poursuivre le programme à la maison. Fais-le!”

Wendy (avril 2017) 

# 2 “J’ai vraiment hâte de travailler avec vous et je voulais simplement vous remercier pour la première session. Vous êtes de loin le formateur le plus professionnel que j’ai eu. “

Michelle (mai 2013)

#3  “He’s been my personal trainer for about 2 years and has supported me immensely from a fitness and health point of view throughout 2 miscarriages and my current pregnancy.Dave trained me from pregnancy week 13 onwards and thanks to his routines and nutrition advices I felt encouraged to stay fit. Due to the miscarriages I suffered previously I was very nervous about exercising at all so Dave focused on what was right for me. As a result we did a lot of exercises to strengthen my back and my core, we also focused on my posture which has never been great and he always made sure I got a good and comprehensive workout appropriate for pregnancy. I always felt in safe hands! I am 4 weeks away from my due date and my friends are quite impressed about how fit and energised I still am. I owe a big part of that to Dave’s sessions.Dave also advised me on nutrition and staying healthy. He always has little tips that really work. I will definitely get in touch with him post natal. I highly recommend him as a personal trainer. And I truly believe he’s excellent at ante natal training. He’s very professional, always positive, really gets to know his clients and tailors the classes appropriately. Dave really gets involved and makes you feel like there’s nothing more important to him than seeing you get fit and feeling healthy.”

G  (January 2013)

#4  “I have tried quite a few personal trainers over the last 2-3 years. However, Dave stood out from the very first sessions as not only a great PT with amazing workout ideas that pushed me beyond my set boundaries, but also as a healthy lifestyle advisor. I personally find training with him fun and the results have been amazing. I’ve managed to achieve my initial goals in a very short period of time and, more importantly, Dave’s helped me rethink the whole concept of working out and going to the gym and have a much more positive approach towards it.”

Mihai (November 2012)

#5  “To say that Dave has changed my life is a little extreme but he has helped me explore a segment of my life that had been quite neglected. Dave’s infectious enthusiasm has helped build my confidence to exercise and try out new activities which I would previously have shied away from. He has tailored our training sessions to meet my goals, particularly around rehabilitation of my knee. The results are evident and even when I felt like I had made no progress his regular reports told another tale, encouraging me to carry on. Dave recognises that every client is different and everyone has their own vices and pressures in life. He may make you rethink that extra glass of wine but he definitely wouldn’t forbid it. Every session is a new challenge, it never gets boring and there’s no doubt he’ll find your limits but the effort is worth the rewards and I thank Dave for his help to date.”

Beth (December 2012)

#6  “As someone who absolutely hates gyms I have always found it hard to motivate myself to exercise and to know what to do other than just run around the park. I really look forward to my sessions each week with Dave, we always work hard and do really exciting exercises that I just wouldn’t have thought of doing. I used to get a lot of back pain and knee pain and that is getting better and better with every session and I’m now working towards the London Marathon in under 3 ½ hours and there is no way that I could get there without this sort of training, thank you!”

Ben (October 2012)

7# “When I first started with a personal trainer I was so unfit and I just wanted to help before I had my first child. I didn’t really plan on continuing afterwards but the exercises made such a positive change in my life that kept going and now I’m pretty much in the best shape of my life. I was a bit apprehensive about having a male trainer through my pregnancy, but he is very good and I know I made the right decision.”

Sam (October 2012) 



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