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Workout at home or on the go with Dave Todd Personal Training via Skype

Skype Personal Training PricesSkype Logo

  • 30 Minute Taster Training Session – 20 GBP (£)
  • One-Off Skype Personal Training Session – 50 GBP (£)

Advanced Pre-pay Monthly Memberships

  • 1x Weekly 60 minute session = £120 per month 
  • 2x Weekly 60 minute sessions = £200 per month
  • 3x Weekly 60 minute sessions = £300 per month

Skype Personal TrainingSkype Personal Training has really changed the way that everyone experiences bespoke fitness and coaching.

I love fitness and it is a real passion of mine helping my clients get into great shape and feeling great about themselves through exercise and keeping fit. I am so excited about exercise all of the time and I love seeing the results of everyone that I train and when we reach a goal together there is no better feeling.

I believe that everyone can be fit and healthy no matter your age, physique or ability. With over 10 years of coaching experience I have created different ways for you to benefit from personal and group fitness. Whether you are looking for a gym programme, Skype Personal Training or online coaching I hope you will find something here that can help you on your fitness journey. Take a look around my website and you can even try some of my online workouts for free. Contact me for information on how I can help realise your fitness goals.

If you really aren’t sure that Skype Personal Training is for you then we can always schedule a video chat so that I can talk you through everything and we can determine if it will work for you. My client list is hugely varied from those who hate sport and are in bad shape, clients with injuries and all the way through to those who love exercising and are in great shape. Just remember always that it is PERSONAL training, and it will be done just for you and your abilities and goals.

Online Personal Training

Skype Personal Training at Home

Personal training through video call such as skype and FaceTime, is now my most popular form of fitness coaching. Each Skype fitness session varies depending on individual goals and abilities, however a typical Skype fitness session will start with a warm up for about 8-10 minutes as I demonstrate the movements and technique and then complete our dynamic stretches to prepare for the main workout.

Once we have warmed up we will then move on to the main Skype Personal Training session which will last between 30-45 minutes. In the same way that a coach would do in the same room, I demonstrate all exercises via Skype and correct and review technique and posture throughout, whilst also positively motivating and encouraging you. I am entirely there for you during your online personal training session so I am constantly re-enforcing technique, encouraging and motivating you to make sure that you are challenged and creating change.

After the main training session, we finish off with a cool-down and stretches for 5-10 minutes. During this time we also review the session and discuss progress, how the session felt, what you enjoyed etc.

My philosophy in Skype Personal Training is really to make fitness fun and do exercises you enjoy! Together we will focus on long-term lifestyle changes so that you can get the most out of life. We will work as a team and build up your exercise and training slowly, and aim to make small, regular progress steps each session. Small regular steps result in great success and I will be there right in front of you throughout the journey.

Work Out At Home with online personal trainer

5 reasons to start Skype Fitness Personal Training at home

·         Train in your own home, workplace, hotel or anywhere in the world!

·         You no longer need to take gaps in your training programme when you have to travel with work.

·         No expensive gym membership

·         Minimal prep time, no hunting for parking spaces etc.

·         No special equipment, just a computer and a web cam 

As a personal trainer I have over 10 years of experience and I have worked and trained in all sorts of different environments. I started my fitness career working for Nuffield Health in their corporate fitness facilities which was excellent and later I ran my own business in London visiting my clients at their homes and in the park or garden. This varied experience in Personal Training has given me a wonderful selection of training methods and tools that I incorporate into my Skype fitness sessions. Some of the training methods that I use include: 

·         Interval Training including Tabata and a variety of additional methods

·         HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

·         Supple Strength with Yoga and Tai Chi.

·         Resistance and Endurance strength training

·         Body Weigh strength movements

·         Plyometrics

·         High & Low Impact aerobic training

·         Athletic Strength

·         Core strength training 

Skype Fitness Personal Training at home

What do you need for a Skype Personal Training session at home? 

I train all of my clients with minimal equipment unless it is absolutely necessary for a specific movement or injury rehabilitation for example. Using the training methods that I have already mentioned, we can have a varied and engaging fitness session from the warmup, through the main session and into the cool down.  

What you’ll need for your Personal Training Session

·         A fitness mat

·         Sweat towel

·         Suitable shoes and clothing

·         A bottle of water

·         A skype or FaceTime ready device (Download Skype here)

·         Enough space to workout in 

Space is not usually an issue. For the majority of my clients we use the living room and tend to just push the coffee table to one side. Here are my recommended space requirements: 

·         Enough space to lay down on the floor without touching any furniture

·         Enough space on each side to take two medium sized steps from left to right

·         Ceiling height enough to reach up without touching

·         Distance from the skype / FaceTime camera so that you can see your feet and your head 

What to Expect from me  as your Personal Trainer

In the most professional way possible I like to keep fitness sessions relaxed and informal. I use all of my skills, qualifications and experience to deliver a Skype Personal Training session that will challenge you and get you to realise your fitness goals. Sometimes I will work from my fitness studio (pictured below) however as most of my clients workout in their home, I usually do the same and set myself up in my lounge for Skype Coaching sessions. I really like this approach as both you and I (client & trainer) are in a relaxed environment and we can both really get into a groove and create a real bond.  

All of that said, Skype Personal Training is brilliant as you can take your personal trainer and your fitness studio anywhere with you. If you want to continue to work out on a holiday we can set you up in any wifi zone. Clients who travel a lot for business have greatly benefited from our Skype Sessions as we can work out in a hotel room and not allow traveling to interrupt our training rhythm.  

So if you are curious, why not get in touch with me. Let’s see if we can make a great team and get you to where you want to be.  

Please feel free to contact me by email ([email protected]) and I promise to come back to you as soon as I can.


 Skype Personal Training PricesSkype Logo

30 Minute Taster Training Session – 20 GBP (£)

One-Off Skype Personal Training Session – 45 GBP (£)

Advanced Pre-pay Monthly reduction  – 30 GBP (£) per session (minimum 1 session per week) eg: 1 session per week for 4 weeks = £120) 

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