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Deciding to get a personal trainer or an online personal trainer can be one of the most exciting and rewarding decisions that you ever make. Not only does personal training and online personal training give you customised workouts that will work better just for you, but it will also fast track your fitness and results, getting you fitter, stronger and leaner than ever.

I have been involved in personal fitness and coaching for over 10 years and I love all of my clients and the great things that we have all achieved together. It makes me feel really happy helping my clients achieve their goals and I am so proud of them all. From more basic weight loss routines all the way through to sports specific fitness training, there is an ideal personal training solution for everyone and I can tailor everything to your needs.

Personal training does not have to involve a physical one-2-one personal training fitness session and of course some of my clients just don’t like that. I also offer personal training via Skype or FaceTime which is a very flexible approach to personal fitness and it is hugely popular. I know however that not everyone has the time or a schedule that allows for regular personal training sessions and so I have created my Online Coaching and Online Personal Training solutions. Having an Online Personal Trainer means that you can take all the benefits of bespoke workouts, accountability and progressions without the weekly appointments. With me as your online personal trainer you can workout whenever and wherever you want.

If you have access to a gym or fitness centre then as your online personal trainer, I can design your weekly fitness routine whether you are looking to get lean or to bulk up. This can include group exercise classes if they are available in your health centre.

If you choose my online personal training it will still be really hard work. Unlike Skype Personal Training or having a one-2-one personal trainer, you will have to do all the motivation yourself and keep your discipline. We will ‘check-in’ once a month with either a Skype or FaceTime chat or a phone call. At the end of every month the ‘check-in’ chat will review all that you have done and we can discuss progressions and changes to your programme and routine. Your actual workout routine might remain the same for 6-12 weeks but it could change more frequently depending on progress and your goals.

As your Online Personal Trainer I will send you all of your workout notes and plans by email. I will always be available via email for any questions and advice that you need in between the monthly ‘check-in’.

Online Fitness PackagesDo I need any equipment for Online Personal Training?

You can do all sorts of workouts if you hire an online personal trainer or online fitness coach. I work with several clients who work out at home with minimal equipment such as a mat and perhaps a couple of weights or cans or beans. Things like an exercise ball and resistance bands are really good things to have for home fitness workouts and they don’t take up very much space.

Online coaching means that you can also workout in a gym if you are interested in lifting weights to tone, strengthen and bulk up. Naturally a fitness centre will have all sorts of equipment so we will discuss this and what you do and don’t like so that it can be included in your online fitness coaching programme.

5 Reasons you should get an Online Fitness Coach:

  1. Lower costs that one-2-one Personal Training
  2. Flexibility to workout when and where you want
  3. Specifically designed workouts to suit your goals and abilities
  4. Access your online personal trainer via email all the time
  5. Customised weekly plans and routines

What is included with Online Personal Training?

  • Customised weekly fitness plan
  • Personal workout sessions
  • Monthly ‘check-in’ chat
  • Access via email to your online personal trainer

Hopefully you have found lots of information on this page and on the rest of my website about the personal training and fitness solutions that I offer. It is important to remember that even with Online Fitness Coaching, you have a relationship with your personal trainer. It is really important to me that you have fun and feel good about your fitness, workouts and general health. This is why I prefer to call my service ‘Online Personal Training’ rather than just online coaching. In the same way that I work with my one-2-one and skype personal training clients, I do my very best to make sure that you have a personal and positive experience with the fitness that we create together.

I’m sure that you have lots and lots of questions about having an online personal trainer so please get in contact with me by email so that we can schedule a call or a video chat so see if we can work together. With a wide variety of clients and experience please feel free to have a look at my customer reviews page. I can also provide references upon request.

Please have a look at some of the details about me and my fitness career on my page about Dave. I work as an online personal trainer and a skype personal trainer all on my own and I do not answer to any larger organisations, so please don’t be shy about contacting me. There is no hard sales pitch and no pressure to sign up so why not make an enquiry and contact me today?

Do I need to sign a contract for Online Personal Training with Dave Todd?

No, in short! I will need you to just sign a form to say that you are fit to workout or provide a doctors letter.

There is no contract to sign and no minimum time limit to stay with online personal training.

Dave Todd Online Personal TrainerHow much does online fitness coaching cost?

£95 per month for a minimum or 3 months.

For a three month package Online Personal Training with Dave cost £285. This includes an initial consultation and initial workout program or multiples programmes. Also included are three ‘check-in’ calls by telephone or video call.

Please note that after an initial consultation, the payment for 3 months must be made before Dave will start work on your programmes and routine. The payment of £285 is made at the beginning of every three month period. There is no contract so you are not obligated to renew.

Payment can be made via Online Bank Transfer. You can arrange to make payment by Paypal however this will incur Paypal fees.

Diet, nutrition and supplement advice is naturally included in the service or personal training and online personal training with Dave Todd.

I would love to have a chat with you to see if we can work together, so please get in touch and let’s see where it goes. email [email protected] 

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