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Dave Todd Personal Trainer and CoachPersonal Training in Brittany

Welcome to my Personal Training Page. My name is Dave and I am an advanced personal trainer with over 10 years’ experience with personal fitness. Please have a read through my page to find out what personal training with me is all about.

If you would like to chat about your fitness and your goals then we can schedule a Skype video call or a telephone call anytime you like. If you would rather send me an email you can do so here.

What is Personal Training?

Personal Training can be for you and anyone who wants to either start their fitness journey or take fitness to new and higher levels of power, strength and performance.

Seacnce du coaching MorlaixWho is Personal Training for?

I feel blessed to have such a wider variety of clients who choose me to guide and accompany them in their fitness and sporting lives. I have clients who have never done a squat in their lives to seasoned marathon runners and everyone in between. Often my clients who are very fit are lacking in one dimension or another. Many runners for example lack muscular endurance and strength which is where a specialist Personal Trainer like me can be a really useful and effective tool.

Personal Training will also help people who have absolutely no interest in fitness and who do not want to work out. It may not always be super fun, but it is part of my job to make sure that your fitness sessions are as enjoyable as possible. It is this personal touch that enables my clients to progress. I don’t expect you to smile all the time, but you will start to enjoy sessions with your personal trainer as you start to realise the results that your personal trainer helps you to achieve.

5 reasons to get a personal trainer

  • Bespoke and individual fitness sessions tailored specially for you, your abilities, your needs and your goals.
  • Reach your fitness goals quicker and safer with perfect technique.
  • 100% all about YOU. Personal trainer provides motivation and guidance throughout your session and can quickly adapt and change a session if something needs to be stepped up or eased off.
  •  Accountability
  •  Progressions, modifications and reviews.

Online Fitness, Online Personal Training, Skype Personal Training, Fitness Online, Online Fitness TrainingPersonal Training with Dave

I really try to make every session fun and uplifting whether we are working on rehabilitation or on high intensity cardio, it is very important to me that you have a positive experience with fitness. Of course I offer Online Fitness Coaching and Personal Training via Skype so that we can work together wherever you live. If you live in Brittany and more specifically in Finistère, then my Studio near Sizun 29450 France, or New York Gym in Morlaix 29600 could be perfect for you.

I live and work in Brittany, France; however I am able to conduct my fitness sessions over the internet if you are interested. Have a look here at my Personal Training via Skype page.  For One-2-One coaching sessions, my fitness studio is at my home in Saint-Cadou, Finistère, and I also work at a gym in Brest in Northern Finistere, France. where my personal training sessions are also available.

Personal Training Studio in Monts d’Arrée, Finistère, France

I have a small yet perfectly formed fitness studio at my home in Saint-Cadou where I work out with a number of Ex-pat British clients and French clients alike. My Fitness studio is equipped with a large range of professional weights and a squat cage, along with some of the equipment that I use for Yoga, rehabilitation and stability training.

5 different types of Personal Training Methods

1.       Interval Training

2.       HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

3.       Supple Strength (Pilates, Yoga, TaiChi)

4.       Endurance& Strength Training

5.       Weight Loss Training

Specialist Personal Training

  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Weight loss (in conjunction with nutritional regime)
  • Pre-natal & Post-natal (antenatal) fitness
  • Supple Strength  

Of course, every client who asks me for help is different. I am an expert in designing a diet and fitness plan for losing weight if that is what you are looking for. I am also an Advanced Personal Trainer which means that I have trained to design and deliver weight training fitness sessions for increasing strength and muscle mass or simply toning.

Both pre-natal and post-natal fitness can be delicate and need to be approached with care which is why I am fully qualified in Fitness for Pregnancy.

Supple Strength is a specialist training method that is especially effective for my clients who experience back pain and sciatica. I individual fitness sessions that I have designed for my clients have has staggering results. Results from my Supple Strength training method have helped reduce and completely eliminate lower back pain and increase flexibility and movement. I use a range of Yoga poses, TaiChi sequences and Pilates exercises to promote core strength and flexibility throughout your body.

I guess that must seem like a lot of information to take in all in one go. Personal Training doesn’t need to be scary so if you are not quite sure if you really want to give it a go, then get in touch with me and let’s have a chat so see in which direction we can take your fitness.

I can’t tell you how much I love keeping fit and helping all my wonderful clients. I have been told that my enthusiasm is infectious and that you can’t help but smile when I get excited about a new movement, but have a look at some of my Personal Training Testimonials from real clients. I am really close with all of my clients. I have never met a handful of my Skype Personal Training clients in the flesh, however, whether we train over the internet or in person, I take my relationship with my clients very seriously and it is so important to me that you succeed.

I hope you would like to chat some more about how I can help YOU achieve your fitness goals through Personal Training. Get in contact with me through my email: [email protected]Personal Training Via Skype (Skype User Name: davetoddpersonaltraining), or through my Dave Todd Coaching & Personal Training Facebook page.

Coaching Du Sport MorlaixHow much does Personal Training Cost?

Personal Training prices vary hugely.

For my One-2-One personal training sessions please contact me via email: [email protected]

Remember that there are two personal training location options:

  1. Dave Todd Coaching Studio – Saint-Cadou, 29450 Sizun, France
  2. Fitness Plus Brest

*Please note that if you want to have personal training at FItness Plus in Brest, you must become a member at the gym and pay for a monthly membership in addition to Personal Training with Dave. Have a look at more details of Fitness Plus Brest.