The options that are available for your fitness and wellbeing are varied and exciting.

I offer a variety of fitness options both on a Virtual Fitness and Virtual Personal Training platform and on a Face-2-Face basis.


Whether you are looking for Online fitness, Virtual Training or Face-2-Face Personal Training, there is no limit to what you can achieve. From Stretching and Yoga to Hight Intensity Interval Training and Bulking Up muscle building workouts, the options are all there for you and I can give you the tools, motivation and workouts to help you get the most out of your fitness & wellbeing.

Take a look at the options that I offer at David Todd Fitness & Wellbeing:

David Todd Virtual Personal Training Session


Virtual Personal Training sessions with David Todd represent excellent value for money when looking at personal fitness. With Personal Training sessions starting from just £29.50 per hour session, you get so much more to help you achieve your fitness & Wellbeing goals.


With access to personalised workouts, frequent updates and your own online coach, Online Training with David Todd is an excellent way to take control of your fitness. No more 'one-size fits all' workouts. Online Training gives you everything you need to succeed

Face to Face Personal Training with David Todd Fitness & Wellbeing


Everything that you would expect from one of the leading personal trainers. Face-2-Face Classis Personal Training pushes you and gets you results.

Pilates Fusion Workout for Fitness & Wellbeing


Focus on your mind and body to an all round Fitness & Wellbeing experience.