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My Pilates Fusion Concept is an exciting and dynamic training method. This fusion style of training incorporates traditional Pilates exercises along with balance and yoga poses and toning and strengthening exercises and flexibility.

Pilates Fusion Workout with David Todd Fitness & Wellbeing

It is important to connect your mind with your body. Through deep and controlled exercises and workouts like the Pilates Fusion workout, you can connect your mind and body through targeted breathing techniques, balancing and elements of meditation. By controlling your breathing and focusing on breathing technique you can improve your wellbeing and control your stress management. By controlling your stress, you will be able to get fitter and healthier and to target belly fat. The benefits of Pilates Fusion go on and on.

Whether you are looking for a low impact workout or a workout to complement your other training, my Pilates Fusion is a great way to manage your stress and focus on breathing techniques. Although some aspects of my Pilates Fusion are softer and relaxing, other elements work you extremely hard and deep in your core. Using traditional Pilates and Yoga you will strengthen your core and abdominal muscles along with your whole back, legs, arms, and shoulders.

This really is an exciting way to train and fits in perfectly with my Fitness & Wellbeing philosophy.

Pilates Fusion Class by David Todd Fitness Wellbeing and Virtual Personal Training


Where can I find a Pilates Class?

Pilates Class in the Monts d'Arrée

  • Every Friday Evening
  • 17h
  • Salle des Fetes, Commana 29450 France
Cours de Pilates Commana Monts d'Arrée
Yoga tai chit pilate dans les Monts d'Arrée